The teams of Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso

Ernest     Abú   marius Colette
The teams of Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso

Ivory Coast is where the first test products were made and where the bedding is made today. The team is formed by Ernest Kaboré, who is a tailor and a teacher with over twenty years of experience in the trade. He is infinitely committed to teaching his passion: sewing.

The dressmaking school is a tool for economic freedom. Students are given a space to work in the workshop and a sewing machine, allowing them to have their own costumers.

Abu and Marius are the first boys of n’klôwô’s farm team. We have seen them learn and grow, and they are now independent. Currently in training are Colette, Sephora, Noel and Severin.

The team in Burkina Faso is led by Madame Sanou, a disabled woman who, since 1993, has directed the Féderation des Femmes Handicapées de Bobo-Dioulasso. The whole team of workers are disabled women condemned to social risk. They are responsible for making decorative n’klôwô’ throw pillows. We have been collaborating with this workshop since June of 2013, when we did the first clothing samples. Later we will explain more about them and their personal stories.

In Burkina Faso we also work with Saliou Sidibé, who functions as a bridge between the sewing team and us. It is with his service that we are able to organize orders, but also hear the needs and respect the rhythm of the workers.