Barcelona’s team


Barcelona’s team


Cèlia is the genesis of the group and of the project. She spent almost a year on African land in 2009 and met the characters that sew this story. The subsequent five years, with the help of friends and colleagues, she has sewn sheets to support a small sewing workshop in the Ivory Coast.

In 2013, she met Núria, and after a conversation in a bar, amidst the chaos of unemployment and other problems, they decided to launch their own business.


Núria was the second on board.
Since 2008, she has been on a labour odyssey through the Third Sector. During this time, she discovered her interest in and talent for entrepreneurship, thanks to Complementum (social consulting).

A few years later, and many hours spent contemplating, the entrepreneurship opportunity she was looking for appeared when she met Celia. Together, they created a proposal to which Núria could finally say “yes!”


Laura is the third junction of this triangle and the latest to join the project.
After two and a half years of working and studying in England, she was ready for a new venture..

Upon finding out about the n’klôwô project, which promotes values important to her, she didn’t hesitate and immediately jumped on board the project.