Where n’klôwô comes from?

Where n’klôwô comes from?

The n’klôwô’ project is the result of Celia’s experience as a volunteer in the Ivory Coast in 2009. There she met Ernest Kaboré who teaches sewing in a school for at-risk children. Together, they discovered the shortcomings of the project, especially the lack of resources to buy fabric.. The idea of making bedding came after thinking of how we could generate income to buy fabric.

Over the past five years, family and friends have been ordering bedding from the professional workshop that Ernest created after his time teaching at the school. One of the main concerns of the project was how to generate the local economy. For this reason, the surplus fabric stays in the shop, so trainees have access to equipment and materials, which they are then able to use to make their own products to sell at the local market.

n’klôwô was created in 2014 as a worker cooperative and with the goal of expanding horizons. It combines lessons learned from North-South cooperation and sustainable social entrepreneurship project.

This story is included in Celia’s blog “Un radiador a l’Àfrica” (A heater in Africa), that became a book in 20011 and that will be republished for St. George’s Day in 2014, adding everything that has happened so far.

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